• Make it Personal

    When you open a roboshack order, we want you to squee "That's so me!". Alongside items that can be 100% personalised to order, we curate an offering from artisans offering one-of-a-kind pieces, making us a one stop shop that's just for "you".

    Can't find what you're after? WE TAKE COMMISSIONS.

    Click here to make an enquiry.

  • Make it Better

    Our Roboshack founder has a deep love of all things tech, forged from her Industrial Engineering Experiences. Efficiency is at the core at what we do, setting the bar for quality product at an affordable price.

    With efficiency comes a fast turnaround time (less time waiting), low wastage (less to landfill) and true process innovation (or as we call it... more robots).

  • Make it Together

    We believe there should be no gatekeeping of arts and crafts, EVERYONE should be able to enjoy the magic of creation. We run workshops and craft socials at our home in the Alton Creatives Emporium, where you can meet other people wanting to learn the craft. If you're not local to Hampshire, our blog contains projects, tutorials and much much more to help you on your craft journey (no matter your skill level).

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